mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Portable Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Along with the increasing development of domestic economy, there is a big demand of concrete from the modern construction industry, and portable concrete batch plant for sale has emerged at this moment, which has better site transition and high mobility than traditional stationary concrete plant. For small and medium-sized construction works, a portable batch plant can be assembled on the job site, and cement and aggregate can be easily mixed and delivered to the construction site.

YHZS25 mobile concrete batching plant

Model: YHZS25

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 25

Concrete Mixer: JS500

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 3.2

Total power(KW): 50Kw

Gross weight(T): 12

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portable concrete batch plant for sale

Model: YHZS35

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 55

Concrete Mixer: JS750

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 7.3

Total power(KW): 64Kw

Gross weight(T): 16

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mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Model: YHZS50

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 50

Concrete Mixer: JS1000

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 3.2

Total power(KW): 85Kw

Gross weight(T): 20

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The construction industry was revolutionized by designing and manufacturing mobile units which allowed contractors to more effectively and gainfully bid on jobs of any size. There is a number of very efficient and versatile portable batching plant for sale which are used globally. Portable concrete batch plants for sale consist of a large mixing tank as well as reed-like hosing mounted upon a flatbed trailer. Concrete is pumped by a concrete pump to the precise pour spot via extensions of the hosing. Alternatively, concrete mixed by cement mixers will be poured inside a concrete truck, which will then convey it.

Theoretical production capacity(m³/h) 25 35 50 75
Concrete mixer Type JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power(KW) 24.75 38.6 51 65.5
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60 80/60
Aggregate Bin volume(m³) 3.2 7.3 8.3 12
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG)  ±2%  ±2%  ±2%  ±2%
Cement(KG) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Fly ash(KG) ±1% ±1%
Water (KG) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Additive(KG) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Total power(KW) 50Kw 64Kw 85Kw 110KW
Discharging height(M) 2.8 m 2.8 m 2.8 m 3.8m
Gross weight(T) 12 16 20 50

The specialized truck comes with a constantly-rotating chamber with a water feed at the top. There are various models of portable concrete batching plants available on the market. Those portable concrete batch plant for sale is designed to suit the various particular needs of the construction industry. Portable concrete plants for sale or mobile concrete plants for sale are available in the capacities 25 m3/h, 35m3/h and 50m3/h. Portable concrete plant for sale is featured by a reversible drum mixing unit, and this types of portable concrete mixing plants are easily towed with a tractor.

Besides, the control panel on the chassis of portable concrete batch plant for sale makes the controlling of portable concrete batching plant for sale much easier. There are various types of high-quality portable concrete mixing equipment for sale from global portable concrete plant manufacturers in the market or online, and our company is a well-known portable concrete batch plants manufacturer in China, and our portable concrete batch plant for sale is built to maximize the productivity, quality and benefits. Welcome to visit our website to send us a message to get the latest quotation at any time, and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

portable concrete batch plant for sale

Features and Advantages:
1. It has wide range of application and high availability, which can make great contribution to the development of railway, bridges, ports, hydropower and other projects.
2. The adoption of Changli portable concrete mixing plants can greatly meet your construction demand and shorten your construction periods.
3. It has compact structure, novel appearance, easy operation, mobile movement and long service life.
4. Comparing with similar concrete plants manufacturers china, our portable concrete plants have fairly reasonable price.

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changli YHZS35 mobile concrete plants delivery
Changli YHZS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Delivery
YHZS35 mobile concrete batching plant delivery
Cement Silo of YHZS35 Mobile Concrete Plant Delivery

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