YHZS25-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

For small and medium construction projects, YHZS25-75 mobile concrete batching plant offers a reliable as well as economical solution. This type of mobile concrete batch plants have the benefits of easy site transition in only a few hours. Comparing with stationary concrete batching plant, mobile concrete plants have portable movement and convenient application. Generally speaking, mobile batching plants are the best choice for any scales of construction works.

Mobile concrete batch plants are one of the most versatile and efficient plants which are used at home and abroad. Mobile concrete batching plants are used in building of bridges, airports, highways, canals, industrial and multistory buildings. Mobile batch plants can not only transfer concrete fast but also help to keep the quality in the course of discharging. Besides that, mobile concrete mixing plant has low cost, reasonable design and very good performance. Besides that, its main components include horizontal cement silo, concrete mixer and concrete batching systems, and users may equip the plant with different types of accessories with their needs.

YHZS25 mobile concrete batching plant

Model: YHZS25

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 25

Concrete Mixer: JS500

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 3.2

Total power(KW): 50Kw

Gross weight(T): 12

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mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Model: YHZS35

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 55

Concrete Mixer: JS750

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 7.3

Total power(KW): 64Kw

Gross weight(T): 16

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mini mobile concrete batching plant

Model: YHZS50

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 50

Concrete Mixer: JS1000

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 3.2

Total power(KW): 85Kw

Gross weight(T): 20

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YHZS mobile concrete batching plant

Model: YHZS75

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 75

Concrete Mixer: JS1500

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 12

Total power(KW): 110KW

Gross weight(T): 50

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Theoretical production capacity(m³/h) 25 35 50 75
Concrete mixer Type JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power(KW) 24.75 38.6 51 65.5
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60 80/60
Aggregate Bin volume(m³) 3.2 7.3 8.3 12
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG)  ±2%  ±2%  ±2%  ±2%
Cement(KG) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Fly ash(KG) ±1% ±1%
Water (KG) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Additive(KG) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Total power(KW) 50Kw 64Kw 85Kw 110KW
Discharging height(M) 2.8 m 2.8 m 2.8 m 3.8m
Gross weight(T) 12 16 20 50

Mobile cement plant usually does not require any concrete foundation, and it is ready to be used in a snap. However, this economical system will make no compromise on versatility, performance and quality. All parts of mobile concrete plants china are made of high performance brands, which have outstanding outcomes. Aimix Group is a professional mobile concrete plant manufacturer in china, and we offer many types of mobile concrete mixing plants to choose, and our machine has long service life, easy maintenance and high performance. Aimix YHZS25-75 mobile concrete batching plant or portable concrete batch plant has become internationally known for their reliability and high quality. YHZS25-75 Mobile concrete batching plants are quickly becoming the preferred choice for a lot of the world’s construction and concrete creating professionals from all over the world.

YHZS25-75 mobile concrete batching plant

Features and Advantages:
1. Our mobile concrete plants have high durability and stability, which can adapt to many harsh construction environment.
2. Our YHZS25-75 mobile concrete batching plant has modular structure, easy and fast installation.
3. The machine has good mixing performance with high productivity and high efficiency.
4. It has great environmental protection, low energy consumption and pollution.

Successful Cases:

YHZS75 mobile concrete batching plant
Changli YHZS75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant was Sent to Mongolia
changli YHZS35 mobile concrete plants delivery
Changli YHZS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Delivery
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