Advantages of The Belt Conveyor of Aimix Concrete Mixing Plant

Belt conveyor is an important equipment used for conveying aggregate in concrete mixing plant, and it plays an important role in the whole production line. As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment, the belt conveyor produced by our company has better quality and good performance.

    1. The belt conveyor of Aimix Group has wide adaptability, which can realize normal work under low or hot temperatures, and the temperature of the conveying material can up to 50 degrees, which is very favorable for summer construction. At the same time, our company can also design and produce the specific belt conveyor according to users’ requirements to meet their actual demand.
    2. The belt conveyor adopts external belt drive motor, and the reducer is equipped with anti-reversing mechanism to prevent the reversal of the conveyor to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

belt conveyor

  1. The tensioning device of our belt conveyor adopts the hammer tension, which reduces the user’s working intensity, and users don’t need to adjust it frequently.
  2. The conveyor belt adopts nylon core with high tensile strength, which has small elastic elongation and long service life.
  3. In order to prevent the over-deviation caused by accident, there is a pair of anti-deviation switch on the head of conveyor. When the belt deviation reaches to a certain extent, the alarm signal will inform the operator to correct it.

Our company has focused on the production of concrete mixing equipment more than 30 years, which offers reliable equipment and perfect after-sale service, please contact us at any time if one has the need.

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