The advantages of double-computer control system of concrete batching plant

In the failure rate survey of concrete batch plant, the computer failure is in the first place. Once the electric control system stops working, it will result in the consequences of shutdown and much economic losses. Therefore, more and more investors will choose a concrete plant that has double computer-controlled system.

The so-called double computer-controlled system, as the name suggests, refers to the systems that are equipped with two computers and high automation man-machine interface system, which controls the whole operation process of concrete batching plant for sale. The plant is controlled by two computers at the same time, which can also separately complete the entire production process.

hzs240 stationary concrete plant


Under normal state, a computer is a production machine, while another computer is a monitoring machine. When the production machine can’t work normally, the monitoring computer will automatically become into the production machine with no manual intervention, and take over the production work to ensure the smooth production of the readymix concrete plant. The specific performance advantages are as follows:

  1. Full-dimensional interface animation of simulation production conditions, and real-time displaying of the weighing value, error and other production data.
  2. It can pre-arrange production orders and re-adjust the production sequence.
  3. It has self-diagnosis and alarming function, which also provide the on-line help.
  4. It can automatically adjust the gap and has a tendency to judge the function, which is totally assuring.
  5. It has aggregate and water content correction window to facilitate the sand and water.
  6. Water measurement can be suspended at any time, and users can adjust the water formula at any time.

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