Aggregate Concrete Batching Machine

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction material, which plays an important role in modern construction projects. It is readily available and widely preferred due to its excellent properties, but it may come with some of problems. These problems are very critical but can be avoided or fixed with a good aggregate concrete batching machine china. Concrete batching machine can be an inseparable part of central mix concrete batch plant, ready mix concrete plant equipment or stationary concrete plant as batching plant silo. The biggest problem with concrete is that users should try their best to get high quality concrete mixtures with china aggregate concrete batching machine and concrete mixers. If the batching or mixing is not done properly, the concrete may crack, which will largely affect the quality of your projects. To get high mixing quality concrete, users should get a reliable batching equipment at first.

PLD800 batching machine

Model: PLD560

Weighing Hopper Capacity: 560L

Aggregate Bin Capacity: 2X0.95m3

Productivity: 30m3/h

Feeding Height: 2300mm

Power: 3X4kw

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Model: PLD800

Weighing Hopper Capacity: 800L

Aggregate Bin Capacity: 2/3X3.2m3

Productivity: 48m3/h

Feeding Height: 2840mm

Power: 3/4X4kw

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Model: PLD1200

Weighing Hopper Capacity: 1200L

Aggregate Bin Capacity: 2/3/4X7.3m3

Productivity: 60m3/h

Feeding Height: 2656/2981mm

Power: 3/4/5X4kw

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Model: PLD1600

Weighing Hopper Capacity: 1600L

Aggregate Bin Capacity: 2/3/4X8.38m3

Productivity: 80m3/h

Feeding Height: 2944/3050mm

Power: 3/4/5X4kw

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Features and Advantages:
1. It adopts good performance weighing sensor, which has high weighing accuracy and stability.
2. The main components of our aggregate concrete batching machines adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, which has high reliability.
3. Our machine has reasonable design, compact structure, high weighting efficiency and quick discharging.
4. The head of belt conveyor is equipped with a blocking cover, which can effectively prevent the spraying of materials.


Model PLD560 PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600
Kinds of Aggregate 2  2/3 2/3/4 2/3/42
Weighing Hopper Capacity 560L 800L 1200L 1600L
Aggregate Bin Capacity 2X0.95m3 2/3X3.2m3 2/3/4X7.3m3 2/3/4X8.38m3
Productivity 30m3/h 48m3/h 60m3/h 80m3/h
Feeding Height 2300mm 2840mm 2656/2981mm 2944/3050mm
Batching Accuracy ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Power 3X4kw 3/4X4kw 3/4/5X4kw 3/4/5X4kw

Successful Cases:

automatic batching machine
PLD automatic batching machine delivery
aggregate batching machine china
aggregate batching machine was exported to Austrilia

There are varieties types of concrete needed in various applications, and it is important that the accuracy is maintained through accurate batching and mixing. For this, it is important to use an advanced aggregate concrete batching machine for any concrete batching plant for sale. An automatic concrete batching machine is an ideal machine, and it can help save a lot of time for your construction projects. The process of making the perfect concrete holds importance, and hence it is important to mix the right ingredients in the right quantity and perfect mixing time. If the components are not available or not in adequate supply, the process can go wrong. Using an aggregate batcher will help you avoid such situations and ease the process tension for your large or small concrete batch plants.

concrete batching machine
concrete batching machine


There are many cement batching machines available in the construction market, which will enable you to produce top quality RMC with our RMC plant immediately with accuracy. It will also be possible to provide large quantity of concrete and remove the limitations that come with large-scales of production with efficient concrete batching systems. This process is much more reliable than mixing concrete manually by using of labors or by simple mixers. You will be able to take control of the delivery time and concrete production quantity.

Aimix Group is an excellent aggregate concrete batching machine manufacturer in china, and the using of our aggregate batching machine is an excellent method to prepare and supply quality RMC. Our automatic batching machine is very economical comparing with traditional concrete batching method. Besides that, our aggregate concrete batching machine price is very reasonable and appropriate, and our batching making machine is the best choice for customers at home and abroad. Batching process of concrete requires less attention and time by using our concrete batching machine china. With all scales of concrete batching machine for sale, welcome to contact us to get a free quotation.

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