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Asphalt Batching Plant Price

For many customers, asphalt batching plant price is the first factor to consider when they want to invest a asphalt batching plant. As a reliable enterprise, Aimix Group Asphalt Batching Plant has been winning the trust of our clients with good reputation and high-quality products. As we all know, the higher is the price, the better is the quality of the merchandise. Our company guarantees that if you choose us, you will get the high-quality product with reasonable asphalt mixing plant price.

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QLB200 stationary asphalt mixing plant

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cold aggregate supply system

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We are a professional company, devoting ourselves to the production and exportation of construction machinery. Our company covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with a construction are of 60,000 square meters. In price, our asphalt batching plant has a great advantage of favorable price due to we are one of large mobile, stationary, drum continuous asphalt batching plant manufacturers and suppliers in China. In service, we have good pre-sale service, sale service and after-sale service. In product, we offer asphalt mixing plant, mobile asphalt batch mixing plant, asphalt drum mix plant, stationary asphalt mixing plant, asphalt hot mix plant, portable asphalt mixing plant, stabilized soil mixing plant and other products. In our company, you can always find a suitable product for your construction project.


Factors Affecting Asphalt Batching Plant Price

1. Material. Different materials produce different products, different products have different asphalt plant prices. The main body of asphalt batching plant uses steel materials. Steel materials price affects the asphalt batching plant price. If the asphalt batching plant adopts ordinary steel materials, its price is relatively cheap. If adopts fine steel materials, its price is relatively high.

2. Brand. There are a lot of companies supplying asphalt batching plant on the market. For same product, different brands provide different asphalt batching plant price. The product that famous company produces can be trusted by most people. People always think that more famous is the company, higher quality is the product.

3. Model. Asphalt batching plant has various of models, QLBY10, QLBY30, QLBY80, LB500, LB2500, DHB20, DHB60, etc. Different models have different productivity. So different models have different prices. You need to choose suitable asphalt batching plant according to the type of your construction project. For example, the series of QLBY is on behalf of mobile asphalt batching plant. If your construction project is large or in the different sites, you can choose mobile asphalt batching plant, because it is convenient to install and move. It can reduce your construction time and save you cost. The series of DHB is on behalf of asphalt drum mixing plant. If you plan to construct the road in the countryside, you can consider asphalt drum mixing plant. The materials that constructing roads needs is little, so asphalt drum mixing plant is enough to meet the requirements of constructing road in the countryside.

asphalt plant (2)
QLB130 stationary asphalt plant
Model: QLB-130
Rated capacity(t/h): 130
Cold Aggregate Bins: 4
Hot Aggregate Bin(t) 26
Mixing volume: 1500kg
Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
Installed power(kw): 349
Fuel consumption(kg/t): 5-7
Vibrating Screen(layer) 4
Mixing Cycle(s) 45
Control System Semi-automatic/Automatic

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mobile type 6
QLBY30 mobile asphalt plant
Model: QLBY-30
Capacity: 30t/h
Cold Aggregate Bin: 3
Aggregate Batcher: 5m3
Total Power: Fuel Oil:104.5kw; Fuel Coal:127.5kw
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t
Fuel Consumption: Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t;Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Control System: Manual/semi-automatic/full automatic;
Asphalt Temperature: 120-180°C (adjustable)

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2013-04-20 08.34.48
DHB60 drum mix plant
Model: DHB60
Productivity: 60t/h
Rated drum drying capacity: 60t/h
Fuel consumption: Coal:10-13kg/t;
Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
Weighing Accuracy: Aggregate:±1.5%;
Bitumen: ±1%

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4. The way of payment. There are many the ways of payment in exportation, such as, L/C, T/T, etc. For the clients, you can select different ways of payment. Different ways of payment will affect the speed of delivering goods and the asphalt batching plant price.

5. Country. The distance between our country and other countries is different. Different countries needs different transportation time and different transportation methods, which can influence asphalt batching plant price.

6. Configuration. Different models have different configurations. Even if the same model, the product still has different configuration. For example, different customers need different the number of cold aggregate storehouse and finished product bin. Different configurations have different asphalt batching plant price.

Of course, as a professional manufacturer, our Aimix Group can design the unique asphalt batching plant according to your requirements. We will try our best to meet your needs. Our the biggest motivation is to satisfy you.

Component of Asphalt Batching Plant

Our asphalt batching plant adopts some innovative technologies invented by our technicians, which makes the machine with high quality and stable performance. This is the biggest difference between our asphalt batching plant and other company’s asphalt batching plant. This can also influence the asphalt batching plant price.

structure of asphalt mixing plant

1. Cold aggregate supply system. The unique structure has the effect of preventing segregation, reducing resistance and avoiding abnormal wear.

2. Drying drum. Adopting the technology of integrated thermal system not only can ensure the stable operation, but also can obtain the best thermal efficiency. Increase the feed blade in the drying drum that our company has already applied the patent. This can improve the efficiency of machine and make the aggregate evenly be heated.

3. Bitumen supply system. Adopting heat conduction oil heats, which is more efficient and safer. Our company applies the patent of high pressure spray like shower, the patent number is 201020156799.0.

4. Mixing system. The combination of accurate measurement and high efficiency mixing technology can guarantee to produce the high-quality asphalt concrete. We adopt international famous brands of engine, which can increase the service life and save your maintenance fee.

QLB200 stationary asphalt plant
Model: QLB-200
Rated capacity(t/h): 200
Cold Aggregate Bins: 5
Hot Aggregate Bin(t) 40
Mixing volume: 2500kg
Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
Installed power(kw): 552
Fuel consumption(kg/t): 5.5-7
Vibrating Screen(layer) 5
Mixing Cycle(s) 45
Control System Semi-automatic/Automatic

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QLBY60 mobile mixing plant
Model: QLBY-60
Capacity: 60t/h
Cold Aggregate Bin: 3
Aggregate Batcher: 5m3
Total Power: Fuel Oil:157.5kw; Fuel Coal:205kw
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t
Fuel Consumption: Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t;Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Control System: Manual/semi-automatic/full automatic;
Asphalt Temperature: 120-180°C (adjustable)

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5. Dust collection system. Combine of gravity removal and bag dust removal.

6. Finished product bin. Finishes product bin of asphalt plant for sale has three kind of structures that you can choose, side type, integrated type and horizontal type.

7. Control system. We have developed the PC plus PLC control system. Cold aggregate supply use frequency conversion control, adjust automatic. Our control system has the characteristics of stable operation and simple operation.

8. Pneumatic system. Our pneumatic system has the characteristics of high efficient, reliable, low noise, etc.

Notices During Operation

Asphalt batching plant is widely used for the construction of road, airport, highway, harbors, etc. In the process of using asphalt mixing plant for sale, there are some points that operator should notice. Right operation methods can increase the service life of machine and reduce the maintenance cost of customers.

widely using

1. Before operating the asphalt batching plant, operator should check the equipment. Operator need to ensure whether the every part is in the normal condition. After checking, asphalt batching plant can start working.

2. In the process of working, operator should keep watch on the running condition of equipment all the time.

3. If finding the exceptional conditions during equipment working, operator should removal the faults in time. Before stop the equipment, operator should stop charging. Operator can removal the fault until the mixer and drying drum completely discharge.

4. During mixing, operator can’t clean the mixer of asphalt batch plant for sale by some tools. When you need to clean the equipment, you must keep the mixer in the state of stop. If it is necessary for operator to clean the mixer entering into mixer, someone have to stay outside to keep the operator safe.

5. Climbing ladder should be installed in the parts of mixing station which needs to be inspected frequently.

About Our Service

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If you choose us, we will provide you with a whole of service, including pre-sale service, sale service and after-sale service. In pre-sale, our salesman will introduce our product information in detail. We can also give you some advice according to the size, capacity, engine type, model that you are interested in. Of course, if you are willing, you can visit our factory. You can learn how we produce our equipment, how we work usually and so on. In the process of sale, we will find a suitable transportation method. When you get our equipment, we also guide you how to install it and how to use it. If you meet any problem, you can contact us immediately. We will try our best to solve your problems. In after-sale, we can also help you maintain your product and make the repair plan according to your product condition. We hope that our professional team sincerely services for you. Welcome to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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