Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt drum mix plant is a complete set of equipment, which can achieve continuous mixing. Therefore, its working efficiency is very high and it can meet the requirements of large volume production. Different from other types of asphalt mixing plant, the drying and mixing of asphalt drum mix plant was carried out simultaneously. DHB series asphalt drum mix plant is a continuous plant developed by our company. It has the features of small module, quick installation and simple operation. Asphalt drum mix plant is widely used to the construction of highways, urban roads, airports, grade highways and so on. It can meet the requirements of clients who need large volume of asphalt mixture.

DHB20 drum mix plant
Model: DHB20
Productivity: 20t/h
Rated drum drying capacity: 20t/h
Fuel consumption: Coal:10kg/t;
Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
Weighing Accuracy: Aggregate:±1.5%;
Bitumen: ±1%

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DHB40 drum asphalt plant
Model: DHB40
Productivity: 40t/h
Rated drum drying capacity: 40t/h
Fuel consumption: Coal:10-13kg/t;
Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
Weighing Accuracy: Aggregate:±1.5%;
Bitumen: ±1%

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DHB60 drum asphalt mix plant
Model: DHB60
Productivity: 60t/h
Rated drum drying capacity: 60t/h
Fuel consumption: Coal:10-13kg/t;
Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
Weighing Accuracy: Aggregate:±1.5%;
Bitumen: ±1%

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DHB80 asphalt drum mix plant
Model: DHB80
Productivity: 80t/h
Rated drum drying capacity: 80t/h
Fuel consumption: Coal:10-13kg/t;
Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
Weighing Accuracy: Aggregate:±1.5%;
Bitumen: ±1%

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Model Productivity (T/h) Total power (kw) Weighing Accurary Fuel Consumption(kg/t)
Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
DHB20 20 26 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10 5.5-7
DHB40 40 58 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB60 60 99 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB80 80 196 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7

Features and Advantages of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

1. Module design makes the equipment become convenient to move and install.

2. The integration of drying drum and mixing drum can reduce the machine coverage and save the investment cost.

3. The machine has a simple structure, which makes the coverage area become small.

4. The PLC control system can achieve centralized control. The whole control system can be operated by touch screen, which can achieve automatic and manual switching freely.

5. Stable performance and high working efficiency.

Successful Cases

We Aimix Group are a professional asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer and supplier. Besides asphalt drum mix plant, we also produce asphalt batching plant, hot mix asphalt plant, mobile asphalt mix plant, stationary asphalt mixing plant and so on. Since our company was founded, we have been committed to provide good quality products and affordable price for you. We Aimix Group was named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province.” Up to now, our products have been exported to over 80 countries, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, the United States, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc. Our products have won good reputations by our clients because of its perfect performance.

Asphalt Drum Plant in Pakistan


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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant in Uzbekistan

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As a professional drum mix asphalt plant manufacturer and supplier, our Aimix Group not only can provide you with high quality machine, but also affordable price and thoughtful service. We have professional sales team, production team, after-sale service team, engineers team and so on. Whatever you meet any problem, we are willing to help you deal with you question. So if you plan to invest a drum mix asphalt plant, and if you want to find a credible supplier, please choose our company without hesitate. Waiting for your message!

Main systems of Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

cold aggregate bin

Cold aggregate supply system:

Asphalt drum mix plant is equipped with several gradating bucket to store different cold aggregates. The ring belt under each grading bucket is equipped with a drive motor with a frequency converter and a weighing sensor. This can be remotely controlled in the control room to achieve the accurate proportion of cold aggregate. The aggregate conveyor belt conveys the cold aggregate to the small vibrating screen. The aggregate larger than 40mm is sifted out. Then the rest of the qualified aggregate will be transferred to the inclined belt conveyor and then transported to the dry drum.

Drying and heating system:

Lifting blade repeated designed and insulation layer covered by aluminum foil effectively reduce the loss of heat in drying drum. Meanwhile, it can reduce fuel consumption and greatly improve thermal efficiency. The temperature measuring device is set up at the outlet of the drying drum to control the temperature automatically.

drying drum

weighing system

Weighing system:

The weighing system of asphalt drum plant consists of aggregate weighing, powder weighing and asphalt weighing. Aggregate weighing adopts international famous weighing sensor, which can achieve accurately weighing and automatically compensating the error. Powder weighing uses double screw conveyor, which can measure the new and old powder separately by their proportion. Asphalt weighing adopts two-stage anti-overflow protection device. Moreover, the asphalt is measured twice to ensure accurate weighing. Our high pressure spraying structure like shower has applied the patent, the patent number is 201020156799.0. This structure sprays efficiently and evenly.

Dust collecting system:

The function of dust collecting system is to reduce the dust discharge concentration and protect the environment. Multistage dust removal system of drum asphalt batching plant can improve the utilization ratio of raw materials and ensures the quality of finished products. High pressure pulse of bag dust collector is set of insulation layer in the external side to avoid frosting. The inlet of bag dust remover has temperature protection device. The protection includes overheating protection, cold air protection, overrun temperature protection, which can avoid bag damage. We have different dust collecting methods that you can choose according to your needs.

dust collecting

mixing system

Mixing system:

Different from other asphalt mixing plant, drum asphalt mixing plant adopts the way of continuous mixing rather than separated mixing. And the drying and mixing simultaneously carries on in the same device. The inner side of dry mixer drum has small mixing blades, which can blend the aggregate, filler and asphalt evenly. The equipped safety protection device can realize quick break under emergency conditions. The mixing blades and liners are high wear-resistant with long service life.

Finished products storage system:

The integration of underlay finished product bin and main mixing part makes coverage become small. At the same time, it can also promote the energy conservation and environmental protection. Automatic temperature control of discharging door can prevent stickiness of finished product. The finished products storage bin has insulating layer to reduce the heat loss.

finished product storage system

control system

Control system:

Control system of asphalt mobile drum mix plant adopts PC plus PLC system that is the core part of the whole equipment. The control system adopts manual and semi-automatic control, which has high degree of automation. This can effectively save the cost of manpower and operation.

The different types of Finished Product Storage Bin

underneath type

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side type

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We have two types of finished product storage bin you can choose, underneath type and side type. Their differences are as follows.

The underneath type

1. Compared with side type, the underneath type reduce the machine coverage area. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have the elevator device of finished product, which can reduce the failure rate of equipment.

2. The bag dust removal is placed above drying drum, which can reduce the loss of heat and fuel consumption.

3. The linear vibrating screen driven by imported vibrating motor improves the screening efficiency.

4. The aggregate lifting machine adopts double row plate chain, which increases the service life of the lifting machine and improves the stability of operation.

5. The lifting board structure of drying drum is optimized repeatedly to make the drying system more efficient and stable.

The side type

1. The agitator adopts wear-resistant material, which improves the service life.

2. The control system has the fault self feedback program, which makes the operation become more simple and safer.

3. Module design makes machine more convenient to move and install.

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