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We Aimix Group, as a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer & supplier, have over 30 years producing experience. We Aimix Group have got certificate of ISO9001:2000 and CE. We have been a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba. Besides, our company was named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province”. And our products are granted “Henan famous brand”. Our asphalt batching plant manufacturer produces various of products, such as asphalt mixing plant, drum continuous asphalt batching plant, hot mix plant for sale, stabilized soil mixing plant, etc. Next, taking asphalt station as an example, I will introduce our product for you.

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Our Hot Sale Product

mobile type 6
QLBY30 mobile asphalt plant
Model: QLBY-30
Capacity: 30t/h
Cold Aggregate Bin: 3
Aggregate Batcher: 5m3
Total Power: Fuel Oil:104.5kw; Fuel Coal:127.5kw
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t
Fuel Consumption: Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t;Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Control System: Manual/semi-automatic/full automatic;
Asphalt Temperature: 120-180°C (adjustable)

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QLBY60 mobile asphalt mixing plant
Model: QLBY-60
Capacity: 60t/h
Cold Aggregate Bin: 3
Aggregate Batcher: 5m3
Total Power: Fuel Oil:157.5kw; Fuel Coal:205kw
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t
Fuel Consumption: Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t;Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Control System: Manual/semi-automatic/full automatic;
Asphalt Temperature: 120-180°C (adjustable)

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2013-04-20 08.35.33
DHB60 drum mix plant
Model: DHB60
Productivity: 60t/h
Rated drum drying capacity: 60t/h
Fuel consumption: Coal:10-13kg/t;
Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
Weighing Accuracy: Aggregate:±1.5%;
Bitumen: ±1%

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QLB200 stationary asphalt plant
Model: QLB-200
Rated capacity(t/h): 200
Cold Aggregate Bins: 5
Hot Aggregate Bin(t) 40
Mixing volume: 2500kg
Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
Installed power(kw): 552
Fuel consumption(kg/t): 5.5-7
Vibrating Screen(layer) 5
Mixing Cycle(s) 45
Control System Semi-automatic/Automatic

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Advantages of Asphalt Mixing Plant That Our Company Produces

asphalt batch plant

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asphalt drum mix plant

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1. Our asphalt mixing plant has novel structure. Its overall layout is compact, so it only covers small area, which is convenient to install and transfer.

2. Our cold aggregate supply system, mixing plant, finished product bin, dust collection system all are modular building block design, which is easy to transportation and save your construction time.

3. The drying drum adopts the special structure of the blade, which is propitious to form the ideal material curtain. This design can make full use of the heat energy and reduce the fuel consumption.

4. The measurement of the cold aggregate through the belt feeder is the advanced measurement, and hot aggregate, powder and hot asphalt by screening, the measurement is more accurate. Because of the secondary measurement, it can ensure the gradation of mixture, and make the accuracy of aggregate, powder and bitumen higher.

cold aggregate supply system
cold aggregate supply system
drying drum
drying drum
mixing system
mixing system
control system
control system

5. Our asphalt mixing plant supplier provide the whole asphalt mixing plant that all adopts electronic calculation, so the measurement is accurate.

6. The electrical control system adopts imported electrical components, which can achieve programmed control and separated control. It can also be controlled by microcomputer.

7. All the key parts of the whole machine are equipped with imported parts, which can fully guarantee the reliability of the equipment.

8. Before transporting our product, we will do pre-assembly and pre-adjustment. We can ensure smooth installation, debugging after arriving to the construction site in order to save time and reduce the cost.

Working Principle of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant consists of cold aggregate feeding system, drying drum, vibrate screen, weighing system, bitumen supplying system, mixing system, dust collecting system and control system, etc.

components of asphalt plant

The working process of asphalt mixing plant can be divided into six steps.

First step: The cold aggregate of different specifications is loaded into the cold storehouse by the loader. The aggregate in each cold storehouse is collected to the aggregating belt and transported to the oblique belt. Then the aggregate is poured into the drying drum for dehydration and heating.

Second step: The aggregate is dried by directly contacting with the hot gas produced by the burner. At the same time, the aggregate is heated up to the set temperature. Then the aggregate flows out from the chute of the aggregate outlet and enters the hot aggregate elevator. Finally the aggregate is unloaded into the hot aggregate screen.

Third step: The dust collecting system collects and treats the exhaust gas from the drying drum and the dust produced in other devices.

Fourth step: The hot aggregate is divided into five specifications by screen machine and stored in five storage bins. According to the set ratio, the aggregate of the five specifications is put into measurement bins in accordance with small first. At the same time, the bitumen transported by the bitumen supply system and powder transported by powder supply system is measured in the respective measurement devices according to the set ratio.

Fifth step: After weighing, put them into the mixing system according to the prearranged order and then stir them.

Six step: The finished product is directly discharged into the truck or sent into the finished product bin for storage.

How To Select Suitable Asphalt Mixing Plant

asphalt drum mix plant

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asphalt batching plant

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1. You should consider the size of your construction project. If your project is small, you can choose small-sized asphalt mixing plant whose productivity can be up to 40 tons per hour; If your project is large, you can choose large-sized asphalt mixing plant whose productivity can be up to above 400 tons per hour; If your project is between the two, you can also consider medium-sized asphalt mixing plant.

2. Then, you should consider the type of your construction project. If you plan to construct road in the countryside, you can choose drum continuous asphalt mixing plant that professional china asphalt mixing plant manufacture produces, because the materials that constructing road needs is less; If you plan to construct road in the city or some tall buildings or large project, compulsory asphalt mixing plant is a ideal choice for you.

3. Next, you should consider some components of asphalt mixing plant. The components have many different brands, you can choose suitable components according to your economic conditions.

4. Moreover, you should consider the capacity of mixing vessel. In general, the capacity of mixing vessel has 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg, etc.

About Our Company

Our company

Our company covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with a construction are of 60,000 square meters. In service, we have a good pre-sale service, sale service, after-sale service. Our asphalt plant manufacturer & supplier tries our best to ensure our clients to enjoy comfortable and quick service. As a transnational asphalt mixing manufacturer, We Aimix Group has been 22 production bases in the whole world, with annual output of 70000 asphalt mixing plants. There are more than 83 countries and areas that our productions have been exported to, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, the United States, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and so on. We have first- class technology, professional manufacturing team, and perfect service system to ensure you get the good reputation if you choose us. Welcome to contact us now.

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