The Basic Operation Attention of the Weighting System

The weighing system is fairly important for a concrete mixing plant because to a large extent, they determine the quality of concrete. Consequently, it is important for operators to operate it well. Here are some common operating ways.

  1. Operators should manage all the components well and according to instructions, and these components must be regularly checked and corrected.
  2. They should regularly check whether the equipment rate, detection rate and qualified rate can meet the demand of construction projects or not.
  3. Operators should regularly record and file each measurement data. To ensure high reliability and quality, operators are expected to collect the data, report and statistics in time.
  4. Once the error goes beyond the specified range, operators should report it to the professional operators to take timely measures.
  5. They should consider the influence that is caused by temperature or air moisture when they preset parameters.
  6. Operators should keep, repair and maintain all the components according to product specification. After using them, they should clean them in time. It is forbidden to use whetstone and sandpaper to scrub the surface of measuring instrument.
  7. During the checking process, operators should be careful enough to ensure the reliability of those components.

Proper management to the weighting system can effectively guarantee the quality of the final products. If you need more information about proper management of the weighing system, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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