HZS ready mix concrete plants

The Batching Attentions of Concrete Mixing Plant

The ready mix concrete plants are mainly composed of some main components, such as mixing system, batching system, conveying system and control system. The normal concrete mixing plant undergoes a deep processing of aggregate, sand, gravel, cement powder, water and external additives according to a certain proportion ratios. Then, the matched materials are put into the concrete mixer for mixing, which became the concrete that we need on the building works.

Under normal circumstances, the concrete mixing station is equipped fully automatic control system, and the mixing ratios are preseted in advance on the computer. In addition, it is equipped with automatic weighing measurement, which has little weighting error. Operator should observe the computer frequently to ensure that it is in normal state because it is operated by the machine, which inevitably has errors. Concrete mixing plant in the production, we should pay attention to observe whether there is an error measurement, whether there is residual material, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

concrete batch mix plant machine
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If the admixture is adopted at this time, the mixing time should be appropriately extended. If the fly ash is put into mixing, the mixing time  of twin shaft paddle mixer should be 20 seconds longer than ordinary mixing.

The operators of concrete mixing plant should be familiar with all control parts, and they should be totally master the correct operations steps and procedures. Only in this way can the emergency situation be correctly treated, and terrible operation errors can be avoided.

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