PLD aggregate batcher

The Brief introduction of Aimix Concrete Batching Machine

Concrete batching machine can automatically complete a variety of sand, stone and other ingredients batching procedures according to the set concrete ratios of users, which is an indispensable equipment of all types of small concrete batching plants. As a famous construction equipment manufacturer, we will give a brief introduction of its main structures and working principle.

Before understanding the working principle of concrete batching machine, we should take a look at its structures, such as the feeding system, weighing system and electrical control system. The feeding system is composed by the storage hopper and feeding device, and its the main function is to feed materials to the hopper from the storage system controlled by the control system.

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The weighing system is a key part of the batching machine, which consists of the hopper, suspension and weighing system sensors, ingredients control instrument and other components. The electrical control system is the core part of the aggregate batcher, and its function is to achieve the entire automatic material weighing, displaying, operation and completion process, and the control system is mainly composed by the ingredients control device and control buttons.

The hopper of concrete batching machine is supplied with sand and stone by the wheel loader or manual loading when the dosing machine is installed underground. After assorting all the needed materials, the concrete batching machine will be waiting for discharging. Then press the discharging button, the batched dry material will be discharged into the concrete mixer through belt conveyor or lifting hopper. After discharging the material, the belt conveyor or the hoisting bucket will automatically repeat this work again and again until all the materials have been sent into the diesel concrete mixer for sale.

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