How to Choose a Good Concrete Batching Plant

At present, there are hundreds of concrete batching plant manufacturers, and well-known brands of concrete are also varied. In face of a large number of products, how to choose a good concrete batching plant in different situation? Our recommendations are as follows:

1. Label of the concrete that your projects need. From this to choose what kind of mixing host. Such as water conservancy projects must use mixing host. In addition, the user should choose the ingredients and storage silo according to the types of concrete batching materials.

2. The task and duration of construction concrete. With these two parameters to choose the size of the batching plant. In the selection, users should also consider the transport situation. The volume of conveying vehicles is also an important basis for determining the type of batching plant.

3. Construction environment and object. In the choice of purchase of concrete batching plant, users should give full consideration to the impact of the construction object and the environment to ensure the smooth construction and construction quality. In the following cases, we recommend that you better be prepared.

hzs50 small plant

4. When the site needs a large amount of one-time pouring and high quality concrete, if there is no reinforcements near the batching plant, the best way is to select two smaller sized stationary concrete batching plant or a main and a pair of dual-machine configuration.

5. When the site is inaccessible and the maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time enter and leave the site, it is best to use the same twin plant with the same specifications or to prepare enough spare parts to ensure the construction work smoothly.

6. When the construction site is more dispersed, but the distance between the site is not too far, the transport radius of concrete batching truck is not more than half an hour, dump truck delivery does not exceed 10 minutes. It is best to use concentrated mixing in order to improve the utilization of batching plants and economic benefits of construction.

7. Operator quality. In general, small-scale batching plant structure is relatively simple, so the requirements of the operator is lower. But, the larger plant structure is complex and automation degree is high, so the requirements of the operator is also higher.

8. Formulation. When purchasing products, users should compare the price of different manufacturers, and they should also pay special attention to the preparation of different manufacturers list.

9. Models. In the choice of models do not pursue the best, but should pursue the most appropriate and meet your needs. The choice is the most economical and most effective.

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