JS1500 concrete mixer

Concrete Mixers for Sale

As it is known to us all, concrete mixer is an inseparable part of concrete batching plants, which has very good performance in concrete and aggregate mixing than traditional manual operation. Of course, there are many types of concrete mixers for sale available in the worldwide market. However, when it comes to the most suitable concrete mixers for concrete mixing plants, users should take our JS series twin shaft concrete mixers and JN series planetary concrete mixers in the first place, which has better mixing quality, faster mixing speed and better mixing performance. In addition to that, we also offers other types of china concrete mixers for sale, such as self loading concrete mixer truck, mini concrete mixer, single shaft concrete mixer, manual concrete mixer machine, concrete drum mixers, hand operated concrete mixers for sale, pan concrete mixers for sale and so on.

JS500 concrete mixers for sale

Model: JS500

Charging Capacity: 800L

Discharging Capacity: 500L

Productivity: 25 Min

Aggregate Size(gravel): 80/60 mm

Dimension(LXWXH): 4486x3030x5280 mm

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JS750 concrete mixers for sale

Model: JS750

Charging Capacity: 1200 L

Discharging Capacity: 750 L

Productivity: 35 Min

Aggregate Size(gravel): 80/60 mm

Dimension(LXWXH): 5100x2250x6700 mm

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JS1000 concrete mixers for sale

Model: JS1000

Charging Capacity: 1600 L

Discharging Capacity: 1000 L

Productivity: 50 Min

Aggregate Size(gravel): 80/60 mm

Dimension(LXWXH): 8765x3436x9540 mm

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Changli JS concrete mixer

Model: JS1500

Charging Capacity: 2400 L

Discharging Capacity: 1500 L

Productivity: 75 Min

Aggregate Size(gravel): 80/60 mm

Dimension(LXWXH): 9645X3436X9700 mm

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JS2000 concrete mixers for sale

Model: JS2000

Charging Capacity: 3200 L

Discharging Capacity: 2000 L

Productivity: 100 Min

Aggregate Size(gravel): 80/60 mm

Dimension(LXWXH): 3500X2320X1677 mm

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Item Charging Capacity Discharging Capacity Productivity( m³/h) Aggregate Size(gravel) Dimension(LXWXH)
JS500 800 L 500 L 25 Min 80/60 mm 4486x3030x5280 mm
JS750 1200 L 750 L 35 Min 80/60 mm 5100x2250x6700 mm
JS1000 1600 L 1000 L 50 Min 80/60 mm 8765x3436x9540 mm
JS1500 2400 L 1500 L 75 Min 80/60 mm 9645X3436X9700 mm
JS2000 3200 L 2000 L 100 Min 80/60 mm 3500X2320X1677 mm
JS3000 4800 L 3000 L 150 Min 80/60 mm 3990X2600X1700 mm
JS4000 6400 L 4000 L 200 Min 120/100 mm 4450X3050X2380 mm
JSS500 800 L 500 L 20-25 Min 80/60 mm 2960x2600x4400 mm
JSS750 1200 L 750 L 30-35 Min 80/60 mm 3120x3500x5620 mm
JSS1000 1600 L 1000 L 40-50 Min 80/60 mm 4640x2250x2250 mm
JSS1500 2400 L 1500 L 70-90 Min 80/60 mm 5058x2250x2440 mm
JSS2000 3200 L 2000 L 100-120Min 80/60 mm 3500x2400x2125 mm

To get a good concrete mixer, Aimix Group can be the best choice, which has long mixer production history and rich production experience, and our products have passed famous CE, ISO, SGS, BV, IAF certifications. During the past years, our products have been exported to France, Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, the United States, South Africa, Arab and etc. Welcome to visit our factory to check our machine at any time, and please E-mail us or send us inquiry to get a free quote.

Changli JS concrete mixer

Features and Advantages:

  1. With compact structure and efficient mixing blades, our twin shaft concrete mixers for sale have better mixing speed and long service life.
  2. It adopts advanced production technology, which can totally meet the construction demand of your cement batching plant.
  3. With fast feeding and discharging speed, our JS twin shaft concrete mixers for sale have higher working efficiency than other types of cement mixers.
  4. Changli concrete mixers for sale have high resource utilization rate, low energy consumption and labor intensity.

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