JDC single shaft concrete mixer

Detailed Introduction of JDC Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

JDC single shaft concrete mixer has simple structure, and the mixing device and the discharging device are of great importance in the using process. In this article, we will basically introduce the working principle, mixing device of single shaft mixer.

  1. Compulsory Mixing Device

JDC compulsory mixing device has stirring shaft, stirring tank, shaft end sealing mechanism, bearing and other components. The stirring shaft is placed horizontally in the center of the mixing tank. The concrete mixing plant is equipped with a stirring blade and scrapers. The mixing tank is equipped with an arc liner and an end liner. The gap between the blades is generally adjustable. Users should always check and adjust the gap between the liners depending on the wear and tear replacement.

The shaft end sealing is an important part of the mixing system, and Aimix JDC concrete mixer adopts the structure that the sealing device and stirring shaft support device are separately placed.

  1. The working principle of JDC Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

The mixing blades rotate with the rotation of mixing shaft, and the material is mixed evenly and quickly with the repeated rotation of mixing shaft. Generally speaking, JDC single shaft concrete mixer has simple structure, and what deserves to be mentioned is that users can’t put their hands into the mixing drum in the production process, which is very dangerous and should be avoided.

Aimix Group offers all capacities of JDC single shaft concrete mixers for sale, which includes JDC350, JDC500 and JDC 750 with complete structure and top quality. Welcome customers to visit our factory and buy our mixer.

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