Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry mix mortar plant is a kind of construction equipment that is used to produce various of commercial mortar, such as masonry mortar, color mortar, decoration mortar, plastering mortar and so on. These mortars are used in the construction and decoration projects. As the wide application of dry mix mortar, dry mix mortar plant is become more and more popular. As a professional dry mix mortar plant manufacturer, our Aimix Group has been keeping the technological innovation in order to meet our customer’s requirement. In recent years, our dry mix mortar manufacturing plant has gotten good reputation by our customers because of its easy operation, stable performance and high quality.

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Features of different dry mix mortar plant types

Simple dry mortar plant

simple dry mortar plant
simple dry mortar plant

1. Low investment. Simple dry mortar plant just needs less investment capital, which is more suitable for individual investment.

2. Small coverage area. Because the height of simple dry mortar plant is below 3.5 meters, the ordinary house can be used as factory building. Moreover, small coverage area greatly reduces investment cost.
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3. Easy operation. Because the feature of simple operation, simple dry mortar production line just needs two or three person to carry on routine operation. This can save your labor cost.

4. High productivity. The production capacity of simple dry mortar plant can reach 20t or 25t every day, which can fully meet your construction needs.
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simple plant
simple dry mix mortar plant

Small Tower type dry mix mortar plant

small tower plant
small tower type mortar plant

1. Advanced configurations. Small dry mortar production line adopts advanced configuration, such as, twin shaft weightless mixer, impulse duster, finished product warehouse and so on.

2. Suitable for initial investment. If you plan to invest a dry mix mortar plant but have no suitable workshop, the small dry mortar plant is an ideal choice for you because it has low height and takes small area.

3. Higher production capacity. Small tower type dry mix mortar plant can produce 3t to 5t per hour.
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Middle dry mix mortar plant

middle dry mix mortar plant

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middle dry mortar plant

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1. Wide application. Middle dry mix mortar production plant can meet the production needs of dry mix mortar with different performance requirements, such as plastering mortar, masonry mortar, thermal mortar, color mortar and so on.

2. Higher production capacity than small type dry mix plant. The production capacity of middle dry mix mortar plant is higher than small type plant. It can reach 3t to 8t per hour. Meanwhile, it just needs 3 to 6 worker to operate. The labor cost is lower.

3. Lower investment than large type plant. The investment of middle dry mix mortar plant is lower than large plant, which has the features of less investment and quick return. Middle dry mix mortar plant can be upgraded for full automatic dry mix mortar production line.

Large dry mix mortar plant

large dry mortar plant

1. High automatic degree. Large dry mix mortar machine is equipped with advanced components, which has high automatic degree. What’s more, famous brand can guarantee the quality of machine.

2. High investment cost. Because of the large productivity and more advanced technology, large type dry mix mortar plant needs to a mass of funds. Therefore, large dry mix mortar plant is more suitable for large company and long-period investment.
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You should consider something before purchasing a suitable dry mix mortar plant

When you decide to invest a dry cement mortar mixing plant, choosing a suitable model of dry mix mortar plant becomes very important. Only choosing a suitable model according to your condition, dry mix mortar plant can help your business succeed. When you choose the models, what should you notice? I will give your some tips in the following article.

First of all, you should know how much production capacity you need. There are several different types of dry mix mortar plant. You can pick up a model according to its output per hour. If your project is not very big, small type dry mix mortar plants are enough for you.

small tower type
small type plant

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big type mortar plant

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Second, you should think what kind of raw material you need to prepare and what they are. As we all know, there are many types of mortar, including masonry mortar, thermal mortar, decoration mortar, color mortar plastering mortar and so on. Different mortars need different raw materials. Here are some mix proportions of different mortars.

Third, you should know what kind of materials you need to use as fuel, gas, diesel or coal. You can choose the fuel that it is abundant or is easy to access in your area.

Forth, you need to consider that the finished product of dry-mixed mortar production line needs bag packing or bulk truck loading after mixing. Different transportation method has different features. The bag packing is convenient to transfer but need to great labor intensity. The bulk truck loading is environmental protection.

Last but not least, there are other aspects you should think about. Need sand drying machine? Whats the humidity of the input wet sand? Whats the humidity of the dry sand? Any special requirement for layout design? Whats your power supply voltage for 1 phase or 3 phase?

Dry mortar plant china supplier

There are many dry mix mortar plant suppliers in China. When you plan to purchase a dry mix mortar plant from china supplier, how to choose a reliable dry mix mortar plant supplier? You can search some information about dry mix mortar plant supplier. After that, you will find that our Aimix Group is a famous and excellent company in China. The following is the brief introduction about our company.

1. Strong strength

our Aimix Group strength

Located in the industrial city of Zhengzhou in China, Aimix Group is a professional construction equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. With advanced production technology and abundant production experience, our dry mortar plant for sale has sold very well at home and abroad. Since 1982, Aimix Group has established long-term business relationships with more than 30 countries all over the world. With famous CE, SGS, BV, ISO, IAF certifications, our products have the features of good performance and high productivity, which can be an ideal equipment for various modern projects. Besides, our some technologies has applied the patent. So if you choose our company, you can get the high-quality machine.

2. Export our dry mix mortar plant to all over the world

Our Aimix Group produces different models of dry mix mortar making plants, including simple model plant, small model mortar plant, middle type plant and large dry mortar plant. So far, our dry mix mortar plant has been transported to many countries, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Peru, Korea, Iran, Kazakhstan, India, etc. Even now, we also keep the good communication with our customers. Meanwhile, we have at least four times to visit our customers every year.

Our dry mix mortar production line in Iran

dry mix mortar production line in Iran

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A set of dry mix mortar production line from our Aimix Group was successfully exported to Iran. After dry mix mortar production line was installed and debugged, it was put into use. The pictures are that our machine worked in the Iran. The dry mix mortar production line belongs to full automatic mortar plant. The biggest advantages of full automatic dry mix mortar plant is easy operation. It just needs several person to operate, which can greatly reduce your labor cost.

Our dry mortar mix plant in Peru

our Aimix Group dry mix mortar plant in Peru

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Few days ago, our Aimix Group transported a set of dry mortar mix plant to Peru. After visiting out office and factory, our customer from Peru decided to cooperate with us. Our company provides him good quality dry mortar mix plant, reasonable price and very warm service. As a famous and professional dry mix mortar plant manufacturer and supplier, our Aimix Group is trustworthy. Our customer give high praise to our machine now. If you plan to invest a dry mix mortar plant, and if you want to find a reliable seller, please don’t hesitate to choose us.

3. A complete set of first-class service

our Aimix Group service content

For many customers, especially the new businessman, good service is very important. Our Aimix Group has a professional sales and technical team to help you solve any problems whether pre-sale, during sale or after-sale. We can offer you a complete set of first-class service. When you don’t know how to choose a suitable dry mortar mixing plant machine, our salesman will give you some advice. Of course, we can also customize the machine according to your requirements. After sale, our engineers will guide you install and debug the machine until it can work normally. We also teach you some routine maintenance method about dry mortar production line in order to increase its service life and reduce the failure rate. When you meet any question during operation, we will try our best to help you deal with these questions.

4. Have a visit to our factory and office

our foreign customers visited our Aimix factory

If you want to learn the real strength of a company, the best method is to visit this company. It is very honor to us that our customers want to visit our factory and office. Our company is very hospitable and welcomes to visit our company. We will arrange accommodation for you, which makes you feel at home.

Get dry mix mortar plant price that you can afford

Dry cement mortar mixer plant price is a key factor for these people who plan to invest a dry mix mortar plant. You need to get a reasonable dry mix mortar plant price according to your budgets. A reliable dry mix mortar plant manufacturer can not only provide you with good quality equipment, but also affordable price and thoughtful service.

As a dry mix mortar plant manufacturer with over 30 years production experience, our Aimix Group has earned many customer’s trust. That is not only because of our high-quality product, but also reasonable and favorable price. We can give you some advice about how to save your investment cost, because different transportation method, brands and payment way can affect the dry mix mortar plant price.

Advantages of dry mix mortar plant from our Aimix Group

As we all know, dry-mix mortar plant consists of drying system, weighing system, mixing system, dust collection system, conveying system, control system, packing system and so on. Our Aimix Group dry mix mortar plant components have our own features.

drying machine
triple cylinder drying machine

1. Triple cylinder drying machine

Our drying machine of dry silo mortar mix plant adopts triple cylinder crying machine, which has been applied the patent. It confirms to the European standards, having three layers — inner layer, middle layer and outsider layer. The main function of drying machine is to reduce the water content of yellow sand. Triple cylinder drying machine has good drying result. After drying, the water content reduces below 0.5%. Compared with traditional single layer dryer, it has its own advantages. For example, it can save more than 40% thermal efficiency because it adopts perfect sealing system avoiding thermal energy losing.

2. Pulse dust collector

Pulse dust collector is used to collect the producing dust during operation. Our pulse dust collector has unique features. It has good dust collection effect and the powder discharge can be controlled below 30mg/Nm3. Our pulse dust collector has good sealing system and novel appearance dry mix mortar plant design . Moreover, it has the advantages of stable performance, low failure rate, high automatic degree and simple operation.

pulse dust collector

bucket elevator

3. Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator plays a very important role in the day mix mortar plant. In general, it mainly used to transfer the coal, cement, sand, clay and other materials to the higher position. Our bucket elevator has the features of wide lifting range, large transportation capacity, stable performance and longer service life. If you want to select a durable bucket elevator, please choose our Aimix Group without hesitate.

4. Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen of dry powder mortar mixing plant mainly consists of suspension spring, screening frame, electric engine and so on. Cooperating with European expert, our Aimix Group has invented a new vibrating screen, classifying screen. It greatly improves the screen efficiency of vibrating screen. Besides, our vibrating screen adopts the motor from domestic famous brand, which guarantees the machine performance and quality. Our vibrating screen has the reasonable design. So it is easy to replace screen when the dry mortar mixing equipment needs to do so.

vibrating screen

the packing machine

5. The packing machine

There are two types of different packing machine that you can choose, pneumatic valve packing machine and impeller type valve packing machine. Because of its high automatic degree, our packing machine is easy to operate. The packing capacity of our packing machine can reach 15t to 25t per hour, which can totally meet your requirements. In addition to this, our packing machine adopts advanced structure design, which greatly reduce its coverage area.

6. Intelligent control system

Our dry mix mortar plant belongs to full automatic dry mortar plant. Our control system adopts PLC control board, which can automatically control the process of batching, mixing and so on. Therefore, it is convenient to inspect and maintain.

control room

To sum up, if you have any need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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