Factors affect the quality of concrete mixtures produced by concrete mixing plants

Concrete is very important for the development and construction of modern industry, which strongly calls our attention in modern society. However, what factors we should pay attention to in operating concrete batch plants? The specific points are listed as the followings:

  1. Users should ensure that the mixing ratio of all materials is totally correct.
  2. The weighing system of concrete mixing plants should be precise.
  3. The selection of all raw materials should be accurate and qualified.

The following is the selection requirements of all materials, and users should keep the quality of concrete from the sources, and users should carefully pay attention to the quality of cement, aggregate and other mineral admixtures.

HZS120 stationary plant

  1. Cement

Cement sample testing must be carried out according to the provisions of sampling inspection, and each batch of cement is required to approach to the standard consistency and temperature testing. The quality of doubt is strictly prohibited from entering into the warehouse.

  1. Aggregate

Coarse aggregate must be carried out sampling inspection before using. Coarse aggregate should be selected with gravel or pebbles that have reasonable grading and good grain shape.

3. The additives

The quality and amount of all kinds of additives should be carefully inspected and timely added to ensure the quality of produced concrete mixtures.

This is a basic introduction of the production attention of concrete batch plants, and welcome to contact us for further information.

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