The Features of Control System of Concrete Batching Machine

Electric control system is the core component of concrete batching machine, which controls the material weighing, display and the whole operation process. Combining with years of machine production experience, we summarizes the features of concrete batching machine as your reference.

PLD800 batching machine
  1. Concrete batching machine adopts computer-controlled technology to achieve automatic network control, which can also monitor the entire production process easily and accurately.
  2. It can display the production process dynamically, which has a good graphical interface and comfortable operation.
  3. It has the function of automatic calibration, auto failure correction and auto drop correction, which totally ensures the measuring accuracy.
  4. The concrete batching equipment has automatic moisture adjustment function, and it can add sand or water automatically, which ensures the quality of concrete mixtures.
  5. Concrete batching machine has automatic alarming function, which will warn the operators if there is any weighting error in the production process.
  6. The concrete batching machine can undergo a unified management of the raw material, contracts, recipes, operators and vehicles, which improves production efficiency and saves time.
  7. Generally speaking, it is equipped with fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control.
  8. It is equipped with multi-level password permissions to ensure production safety, and it also has excellent printing performance.

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