HZS25 Small Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Small concrete batching plant for sale has a wide application because of the features of small space occupation and small volume. Small concrete batching plant for sale is our hot sale product. Why is our small concrete batching plant for sale popular? That is because it not only can meet your construction requirement, but also have lower cost. Therefore, if your construction project is not very big, small concrete batching plant for sale is a good choice for you. You just need to invest small amount of fund, then you can quickly get a return. Usually, small concrete batching plant can be used for road construction, rural construction, bridge construction, water conservancy construction, port construction and so on.

Our small concrete batching plant in different construction site

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Delivering our small concrete batch plant to different countries


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Classification of small concrete mixing plant

In general, small concrete batching plant can be divided into two types, stationary small concrete batching plant and mobile small concrete batching plant. Different type plant has different features.

Stationary small concrete batching plant for sale

Stationary small concrete batching plant for sale includes HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60. Stationary small concrete batching plant is widely used in long or medium term project. It is used for building projects, road projects and bridges projects, etc. Stationary small concrete batching plant is an ideal choice for producing commercial concrete. Among these machine, HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 is belt conveyor plant. HZS60 is skip hoist plant.

concrete mixing plant in sri lanka
HZS25 small concrete plant

Model: HZS25

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 25

Concrete Mixer: JS500

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 2/3×3.2

Discharging height(M): 3.8 m

Gross weight(T): 10
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HZS35 small plant for sale

Model: HZS35

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 35

Concrete Mixer: JS750

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 2/3/4×7.3

Discharging height(M): 3.8 m

Gross weight(T): 15
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HZS50 small concrete batching plant

Model: HZS50

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 50

Concrete Mixer: JS1000

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 2/3/4×8.3

Discharging height(M): 3.8 m

Gross weight(T): 40
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HZS60 small stationary batching plant

Model: HZS60

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 60

Concrete Mixer: JS1000

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 2/3/4×8.38

Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h): 300

Total Power(KW): 120Kw
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Mobile small concrete batching plant for sale

Small mobile concrete batch plant for sale has four models, including YHZS20, YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50. Mobile small concrete batching plant is more suitable for short term or medium term project to produce plastic concrete, dry hard concrete, etc. Mobile small concrete batching plant is dragged by a tractor, which can enable quick movement and installation. This can shorten your transportation time.

YHZS25 small mobile concrete plant
YHZS25 small mobile concrete plant

Model: YHZS25

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 25

Concrete Mixer: JS500

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 3.2

Total Power(Kw): 50

Discharging Height(m): 2.8
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YHZS35 small mobile batching plant

Model: YHZS35

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 35

Concrete Mixer: JS750

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 7.3

Total Power(Kw): 64

Discharging Height(m): 2.8
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YHZS 60 concrete mixing plant
YHZS50 small mobile plant for sale

Model: YHZS50

Rated Productivity(m³/h): 50

Concrete Mixer: JS1000

Aggregate Bin Volume(m³): 8.3

Total power(Kw): 85

Discharging Height(m): 2.8
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The reasons that you choose our Aimix Group

1. Company’s honor

As a leading enterprise of China construction equipment, our Aimix Group won many honors. We have been a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba. Meanwhile, we was named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province”。 Of course, because our engineers keeps to innovate, we also have gotten many technology patents.

2. Strict inspection procedures

Our small type concrete batching plants must be inspected and tested by the quality inspection department before it is transferred to the next process. We can also carry out a inspection before our machine is exported to other countries. Therefore, you can be confident of the quality of our machine.

3. Professional service team

our company service content

We have a experienced service team. Our engineers not only can design the installation drawings, but also help our customer install and debug machine. Normally, our technicians will go to our customer’s country and help our customer train their operator. They don’t go until our machine can work smoothly.

4. Quick after-sale service

Whether or not during the warranty period, as long as you meet problems, our technicians can quickly arrive there and help you find mistake and repair machine.

5. Regular return visit

Our technicians will visit our customers four times a year. On the one hand, we can teach our customer some knowledge about require and maintenance of machine. On the other hand, we can help customer solve their problem in time.

To sum up, if you want to invest a small concrete batching plant, please don’t hesitate to choose our company. We will reply you in 24 hours.

Routine maintenance for small concrete batching plant

Routine maintenance is a very important step. Correct maintenance method not only can increase the service life of machine, but also reduce the failure rate. Next, We have some tips about machine maintenance for you.

belt conveyor small plant

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skip hoist small plant

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1. Guarantee the cleanliness of machine and its surroundings.

2. Remove the aggregate in the hopper in time so that make the metering sensor return to zero normally.

3. Check whether the lubricating oil at each lubrication point is adequate.

4. Check the each parts whether exists the condition of overheating and abnormal noise. Check whether instrument indication is normal and signal system is in good condition.

5. Mixer of small concrete batch plants and discharging hopper should be cleaned every four hours to avoid residual concrete consolidation and prevent normal operation.

6. The stirring blade must be adjusted and fastened once a week to prevent accidents caused by blade shedding.

7. The vibrator in the dust removal device at the top of the cement silo must be vibrated several times every week, and the dust from the dust removal bag must be removed to ensure the smooth flow of air.

8. Always check all systems, such as ash leakage, gas leakage, leakage of oil and electricity, and other phenomena should be dealt with in time.

If you meet any problem during operation, welcome to contact us. We will try our best to help you.

Advantages of small batching plant

aimix screw conveyor
screw conveyor
JS500 mixer
control system
control system
1. The whole machine adopts steer structure, which not only makes appearance look more novel and beautiful, but also improve the strength of whole structure.

2. The equipment is easy to install and can be used in various complex terrain areas.

3. Small concrete batch plant for sale has good mixing performance. Adopting twin shaft concrete mixer not only strengths stirring performance, but also improves mixing quality and working efficiency.

4. Small concrete batching plant parts, such as screw conveyor, metering sensor, adopt imported components. The components prolong machine’s service life and reduce maintenance cost.

5. Our machine adopts fully automatic control system. It is industrial computer control, which can vividly display the production process on the screen, so that the operator can monitor at real time.

6. Small concrete batching plants have the characteristic of simple operation. You just need to spend a few human and material resources to guarantee its normal work.

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