Introduction and Maintenance of Concrete Mixing Plants

Due to the promotion of national supporting polices, construction industry in rural areas and countryside develop very well on its way to prosperity in the past days. At the same time, such an appearance boosts the rapid progress of construction machinery. An obvious phenomenon is that demands of concrete mixture become larger and larger than it used to be, and construction machinery manufacturers need to constantly produce high-performance mixing equipment to meet the large demands of concrete mixture. Generally speaking, small and medium-sized concrete plants are much more popular in rural areas these days.

Small and medium-sized concrete plants made by Zhengzhou Aimix Group Machinery mainly consists of AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50 and others, which are well-accepted for stable performance, reliable quality and high production performance. To ensure the service life of their plants, investors should pay great attention to the maintenance details of concrete plants in daily production. The following items are listed to help investors.

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  1. During rainy days, operators are expected to do rainproof work well.
  2. Operators should regularly inspect electric devices to make sure that contacts are fixed together tightly.
  3. Operators should maintain the weighing system well, which plays a key role in guaranteeing the quality of completed concrete mixture. Weighing sensors, magnifiers and connecting devices are important components of the weighing system that operators should maintain them well.

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