The Introduction of Weighing System of Concrete Batching Plant

As a significant part of concrete batching plant, the weighing system plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the quality of final products. The selection of weighing sensors greatly depends on their amount-limit, weighing accuracy, installment procedure and lifespan etc. Generally speaking, different weighing system have different specification requirements towards weighing sensors. The basic requirements if the weighing system of concrete batching plant can be listed as the following items:

  1. High Accuracy

In concrete production technology, weighing error have great effect on the quality of completed concrete mixture. According to related national stipulations, weighing error of cement, coal ash, water and additives should be no more than 1%, and sand, gravels’ weighing error should be less than 2%.

  1. High Weighing Speed

To ensure batching plant’s working efficiency, weighing period should match well with concrete mixing period. That is to say, these two working parameters should be equal to each other.

hzs50 small plant
  1. Strong Adaptability

The weighing system is expected to have strong adaptability to accurately weigh different mixing materials in a short time.

  1. Reasonable Structure

Weighing systems of concrete batching plants should have the characteristics of reasonable structure, easy operation and stable performance. Ordinarily controlling system can give a clear feedback of all weighing parameters, and operators should pay close attention to the control panel during working process.

Certainly, there are some other issues that operators should keep in mind. If you want to get more information, please feel free to contact us and we will introduce more details to you.

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