The Introduction of Weighting System of Concrete Batching Machine

The weighting system is the key part of concrete batching machine, which determines the production quality of concrete mixing plant. In this essay, Aimix Group will make a thorough explanation of the weighting system of our PLD concrete batching machine.

1. The Composition
Our PLD concrete batching machine mainly consists of the weighting hopper, electronic scales, weighing sensors, belt conveyors and other components.

2. The Weighing Mode
The Weighing mode of our concrete batching machine includes cumulative weighing and separate weighting.


In its meaning, all kinds of materials undergo cumulative weighing in certain orders, which utilizes the machine at most. There are often 1 or 2 seconds to adjust the materials to obtain more accurate weighting precision. In general, the total cumulative weighting time is about 20 to 30 seconds. In order to improve sand fluidity, we usually install the vibration device near the discharging port of sand hopper.

Separate weighting is often much accurate than cumulative weighting, which often takes less weighting time but large investment cost. The productivity of separate weighting is relatively higher than cumulative weighting, but it often requires relatively high investment for investors and customers.

This is a brief introduction about our concrete batching machine. With high performance, numerous varieties and reasonable price, welcome to contact us to get a free quote at any time.