Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

The biggest advantage of mobile asphalt mixing plant is convenient to move compared with other types of asphalt batching plant. It can be easily moved among different construction sites, which can shorten your construction time and save your cost. Mobile asphalt mixing plant is a kind of asphalt mixing plant. According to the way of movement, asphalt batching plant can be divided into mobile asphalt mixing plant and stationary asphalt mixing plant. Usually, mobile asphalt mixing plant is widely used to road construction, factories construction, airport construction and so on.

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Unique Advantages of Aimix Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

High-quality mobile asphalt mixing plant

mobile asphalt plant
QLBY40 mobile asphalt plant

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QLBY10 mobile mix plant

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Since our Aimix Group was founded, we have been exported our products to over 80 countries, including Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, the United States, Singapore, Tajikistan and so on. As a professional mobile asphalt mixing plant supplier, we have won high praise by our customers because of our high-quality product. We can guarantee that our products will be inspected many many times by our technicians before exporting. Therefore, you can be sure to use our product. Our high-quality products have long service life, which can reduce your maintenance cost.

Reasonable mobile asphalt batching plant price


Our Aimix Group not only provides you with high-quality product, but also the most reasonable mobile asphalt mixing plant price. These countries that we have been exported to all trust our company. So when they purchase our product for the first time, they will buy the next time, because they know we will give them the most affordable mobile asphalt mixing plant price.

Good and professional service.


We Aimix Group was named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province.” Besides our product’s quality, we also pay more attention to our service. If you choose us, our Aimix Group will try our best to ensure our users to enjoy thoughtful, comfortable and quick service. Whether pre-sale , during sale or after sale, we will help you solve your questions.

Specification of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

QLBY30 mobile asphalt plant

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QLBY60 mobile asphalt mixing plant

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QLBY80 mobile plant

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Model QLBY-10 QLBY-15 QLBY-20 QLBY-30 QLBY-40 QLBY-60 QLBY-80
Capacity 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Cold Aggregate Bin 3 3 3 3 3 3 4
Aggregate Batcher 2.3m3 2.3m3 2.3m3 5m3 5m3 5m3 5m3
Total Power Fuel Oil 41.5kw 54kw 63.5kw 104.5kw 125kw 157.5kw 200kw
Fuel Coal 57.5kw 75kw 86.5kw 127.5kw 169kw 205kw 276kw
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin 2t 5t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t;Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Control System Manual/semi-automatic/full automatic;
Asphalt Temperature 120-180°C (adjustable)
Optional Components Water dust collector/Bag house dust collector; side aside type finished product bin

Features of Main Systems of Mobile Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

Mobile asphalt mixing plant is made of several main systems, including cold aggregate supply system, drying and heating system, hot aggregate elevating system, screening system, weighing system, mixing system, power supply system, bitumen supply system, control system, finished product storage system. Our Aimix mobile asphalt mixing plant has its own features.

structure of asphalt mixing plant
  • Modular cold aggregate supply system
  • High efficiency and energy saving drying and heating system
  • Plate chain hot aggregate elevating system
  • Screening system based on multiple strict tests
  • Weighing system with high precision and good stability
  • Mixing system with mixing evenly and high efficiency
  • Dust removal system to meet the requirements of environmental standards
  • Power supply system with modular vertical powder bin and various of powder transport forms
  • Quick installation modular bitumen supply system
  • Adopting international famous brand pneumatic control system with reliable performance and long service life
  • Finished product storage system with low failure rate and good insulation effect
  • PC+PLC control system with independent intellectual property rights and stable and simple operation

Main Components of Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

QLBY-80 mobile asphalt mixing plant
cold aggregate
dust removal
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1. Cold aggregate feeder. The cold aggregate feeder machine adopts frequency regulator adjusting the speed. It can automatic control and adjust the proportion of cold materials, which is more reliable and safer. Modular cold aggregate feeder is convenient to install and transport.

2. Drying drum. Drying drum is usually used to evenly heat aggregates to a certain temperature. Our drying drum adopts a double layer of heat preservation device, which can reduce the loss of heat. The discharge door of drying drum is equipped with a temperature measuring device, which can monitor the temperature in the drying drum at all times. Our drying drum adopts the feed blade that our company has applied the patent. It has characteristics of high efficiency and evenly heating.

3. Burner. Our burner of mobile asphalt mix plant adopts automatic system. Our burner can rotate automatically to prevent slagging and improve its service life. When you need to use it, it can be lighted automatically, which can guarantee the operator safe. ?The temperature of burner can be controlled automatically, which improves the stability of aggregate temperature.

4. Elevator. Its main function is to lift all kinds of aggregate from the discharge door to the vibrating screen. Elevator has low entrance and is good for drying drum discharging. Meanwhile, it has the structure of ring chain, which is easy to install and maintain.

5. Vibrating screen. Vibrating screen of mobile asphalt plant is main used to vibrate the aggregate that elevator transport. The feeder charge door of vibrating screen adopts unique design, which can reduce noise and reduce wear.

6. Dust collector. Dust collector includes two stages dust removal. The first stage dust removal can remove larger particles, reducing the working pressure of the two stage dust removal and prolonging the service life of the equipment. The larger particles can be directly sent into the hot aggregate elevator. The two stage dust removal once again removes dust, reducing dust emissions, and effectively improving environmental protection requirements.

7. Mixing tower. The mixing tower consists of hot aggregate storage bin, asphalt mixer, vibrating screen, weighing hopper, asphalt weighing etc. Hot aggregate storage bin with large capacity can ensure quick feeding. The feeding proportion can be adjusted properly. The main part of asphalt mixing tower has reasonable maintenance and safety protection device. Modular tower can make the asphalt plant realize quick installation and transportation.

How Do The Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plants For Sale Work

1. In the beginning, the weighed cold aggregate is loaded into the dryer drum. The moisture of cold aggregate will be fully removed in the dryer drum.

2. After heating, the hot aggregate will be delivered to the vibrating screen. The different particle sizes of the aggregate will be poured into different hot aggregate bin.

3. After weighed, the hot aggregate are loaded into the mixer. In the meantime, the weighed asphalt and mineral filler will be conveyed into the mixer.

4. After mixing, the finished asphalt mixture will be discharged.

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