The Operation Attentions of Concrete Batching Machine

Concrete batching machine plays a key role in modern concrete production, which will greatly affect the quality of concrete if it doesn’t work well, and it is very necessary for operators to adjust the aggregate batcher to the normal state before operation, right? To provide more guidance for users, we will briefly introduce the basic operation attentions of concrete batching machine.

For certain concrete batching machine, the calibration rate of materials that have different sizes are totally different, and users should adjust the calibration rate of the batcher if they have to change the loaded materials. The operators of wheel loaders should be very cautious to avoid that they may feed the machine into the wrong sized batchers.

Before starting the concrete plant, operators should start the boot warning button firstly, and they should start feeding after ensuring that the whole plant is in normal state. In daily production, users may also warn all people in this way, which is very efficient in avoiding unnecessary incidents and losses.

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In general, users should equip the plant with three experienced operators. One control the operation of the whole plant, and the others should monitor the working condition of the plant, checking the supply of materials and adjust the operation state of the belt conveyor. They should stop the machine if necessary or handle it effectively under bad circumstances.

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