Some Operation Tips about Concrete Mixer for Sale

Some operation tips of concrete mixer can help users produce concrete efficiently and safely. Do you know the basic operation tips about concrete mixer? At the moment, I will show it to customers all over the world. Please pay more attention to the following items:

JS1500 stationary concrete mixer for sale

  1. The new machine should be inspected and operated in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer instructions. After confirming the mixing tubes, mixing blades and other working devices, the concrete mixer can be put into practice.
  2. Mobile concrete mixer should be installed on a flat and hard place, which should be supported by a framework to maintain the level of the tire.
  3. Stationary concrete mixer should be installed in a solid pedestal. When it has been used for long time, it should be embedded in the anchor bolts. If the time is short, it should be laid under the railway to stabilize the sleepers.
  4. In using concrete mixer, it is forbidden to throw sand or gravel into the machine to prevent the moving parts from getting stuck or damaged. When the hopper is lifted, labors and others can’t through or stay in the bucket so as to avoid accidents. When the bucket is overhauled or cleaned up, please timely stop it and firmly tie it with the hopper with the insurance chain.
  5. Start the concrete mixer and make a feeding until the mixing drum reaches to normal speed, and then timely add water after feeding. You must firstly clean all the original concrete in the concrete mixer and then add new material to it. Users shall not stop it in the halfway except for reverse discharging.

Whether users use the mixer separately or work together with a stationary concrete batching plant, be sure to follow these rules in the production process.

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