Proper Management of Concrete Mixing Plant

We all know that proper management can not only ensure safety but also extend the service life of construction machines. Here are some basic operation procedures of concrete mixing plant.

  1. Proper Operation of Controlling Room

At the very beginning, operators should adjust every metering equipment to zero. Before setting parameters, operators are expected to consider influences, which are caused by temperature, air moisture etc.

Operators should always pay attention to the display screen in the control room so that they can timely take measures to cope with emergencies.

  1. Operation of Mixing System

During the working process, operators should make sure that there is no other objects that may influence the operating sites, and operators should clean the debris inside the mixing barrel in time. If there is something wrong with the machine, operators should cut off electricity and check the machine as soon as possible.

  1. Operation of Belt Conveyor

Before starting the belt conveyor, operators should check whether there is other objects on the conveyor or not. It is forbidden to stop the machine when aggregates are still on the conveyor, and operators should regularly lubricate the conveyor.

  1. Operation of Screw Conveyor

If the screw conveyor is blocked off, operators should close the discharging system and clean the conveyors. Besides that, operators are expected to regularly check bolts of the pump to guarantee that there is no water leakage appearance.

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