Ready Mix Plaster Plant

Ready mix plaster plant can produce different kinds of plaster mortars, such as, masonry plaster, the ground plaster, bonding plaster, anti-crack plaster, decoration plaster, etc. The plaster mortars are widely used for the construction of buildings and decoration projects. The ready mix dry mortar plant that our company produces has the advantages of small occupation area, reasonable structure, simple operation, high production efficiency, reasonable power allocation, moderate investment, short construction cycle, quick investment return. Our ready mix dry mix mortar plant mainly consists of drying machine, pulse dust collector, the mixer machine, bucket elevator, vibrating screen, the packing machine, control system and so on.



Due to these advantages, our ready mix plaster plant has received the high praises by our customers from all over the world. Currently, our ready mix plaster plant has been transported to many countries, such as, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Peru, Korea, Iran, Kazakhstan, India, etc. The following pictures is about the details of exporting our ready mix plastering mortar plant machine.

Our ready mix plaster plant was installed in Peru


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Export our ready mix dry mortar plant to Iran


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If you are our old customer, please continue to choose our company and we can give you a great discount. If you are a new customer for our company, welcome to select us. We believe that we can win your trust with our high quality dry mix plaster plant and thoughtful service.

Reasons that you choose our company

There are a lot of ready mix plaster plant manufacturers in the market. If you want to look for a good ready mix mortar plant manufacturer, you can consider our Aimix Group. The reasons are as follows.

Professional sales team solves your question

Before you purchasing ready mix plastering mortar plant, maybe you have many confusions, for example, what type of ready mix plaster plant you need to buy, how much your investment budget is, where to look for a credible ready mix plaster plant manufacturer. Whatever you meet question, you can consult our salesman at any time. They will solve your question as soon as possible. In addition, before you buying the machine, we are willing to welcome to visit our factory and office in order that you can learn more about the ready mix dry mortar plants and the strength of our company. We will arrange good accommodation for you. Our salesman will accompany you all the time.

our customers from all over the world visited our factory

Professional production team ensures the machine of quality

In the process of producing dry ready mix mortar plant, our workers will strictly inspect the every part in order to ensure the quality of ready mix plaster plant. What’s more, some of parts adopt the international brands, which can guarantee the service life and reduce the failure rate. Our engineers have been keeping the technological innovation. Up to now, we have applied many patents. These advanced technologies will promise that you can pick up the good machine from our company. Of course, if you have any needs, we can also customize the mortar and plaster plants for your construction project.

small tower type plant
GJ20 ready mix plaster plant
Models GJ20
Production Capacity (T/H ) 20
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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GJ40 ready mix dry mortar plant
Models GJ40
Production Capacity (T/H ) 40
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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Professional engineers team guides the installation

After you purchasing the ready-mixed mortar plants, when our machine is successfully delivered to your country, our excellent engineers also arrive there. Our engineers will help you to install and test the ready mix plaster plant. They will not leave until the machine can work normally. Meanwhile, our engineers will help our customers train their operators. They will teach the operators how to operate the dry mortar and plaster plant, how to maintain and repair the dry ready mortar mix plaster machine, what they need to notice in the process of operation, etc. This will save the customers training cost.

GJ60 ready mix dry mortar plant
Models GJ60
Production Capacity (T/H ) 60
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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GJ80 ready mix mortar plant
Models GJ80
Production Capacity (T/H ) 80
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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Professional after-sale service team provides timely feedback

During operating our ready mix plaster mix plant, if there is something wrong with the machine, you can tell us quickly. After receiving your email, our after-sale service team will provide timely feedback to deal with the problems. If you need to change the components of ready mix plaster mix plant , we also can deliver to you. Moreover, we also pay a visit to our customers regularly, at least four time one year.

our salesman team pay a visit to our customers

Maintenance methods of the ready mix plaster plant

1. After using the dry mix plaster mortar plant, be sure to clean the stirring tube and stirring blade with clean water. If the material on the stirring blade is not cleaned, it will be difficult to clean after being idle for a long time, which will affect the mixing efficiency and uniformity.

2. Pay attention to whether the fastener is loose after using. If it is loose, tighten it in time.

3. It is best to screen materials before feeding to ensure no other impurities.

4. Check the lubricating oil of the shaft every week. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, it should be replenished in time. Meanwhile, the lubricating oil is renewed every three to six months.

5. Check parts regularly, including belt conveyor, vibrating screen, elevator, screw conveyor, air compressor and so on. If any part is wrong, you should repair the part before operating the machine.

As a trusted ready-mix plaster machine manufacturer, our Aimix Group not only can provide you with high quality ready mix plaster plant, but also affordable price and complete service. When you plan to invest a dry mix plaster plant, please don’t hesitate to choose us. Looking forward to your message!

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