The Safety Precautions for Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Safety is the most important thing in construction works, so we must keep safety in mind while ensuring good work. Today, I will introduce some safety precautions for the operation of concrete batching plant. I really hoped that it is helpful, and specific content as follows:

Matters need attention before using

In order to operate and use the stationary or mobile concrete batch plants safely, please read and understand the instructions carefully before using, which will help you understand the structure and function of this plant. Be familiar with operation and maintenance procedures to increase equipment reliability, reducing repair costs and downtime. Please do not produce during thunderstorm weather, and users should turn off the system and disconnect the total power supply, and the industrial computer network should be closed at this time. If the customer needs to use the network port, please communicate with the manufacturer’s technical department. Before using network interface, one should take some lightning protection measures. Lightning belongs to the natural disasters, and the loss of the concrete batching plant will be unpredictable under such circumstances.

hzs75 concrete plant machine

Precautions during operation and maintenance

Concrete Mixer and conveyor belt can’t be started with load. Please back up your data to other storage media on a regular basis (1 or 2 months, the specific period is provided by the customer according to the amount of data). After changing the sensor, the scale must be calibrated. When the mixer is in the state of cleaning and maintenance, and the maintenance door needs to be opened. Disconnect the master switch and circuit breaker, locking door and hang warning signs. Press the emergency stop button of the operating table, and take down the key (if there is a key). The two ends of the conveyor belt are provided with an emergency stop switch, and the emergency stop switch must be pressed when the conveyor belt is need to be repaired.

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