self loading concrete mixer machine

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Self loading concrete mixer truck is a convenient modern concrete mixing machine, which basically consists of the chassis, the feeding system and mixing tank. Self loader concrete mixer is often used at various kinds of sites, and self loading concrete mixer truck can be used to produce all kinds of concrete mixtures according to the actual demand. Self loading concrete mixers is an more efficient concrete production equipment than electric portable concrete mixer, and Aimix self loading mixer has high degree of automation, and the whole production process is totally completed through manual operation and manipulation.

self loading concrete mixer machine

By purchasing a self loading concrete mixer machine, investors have no need to seek more human labors as before, and the self load concrete mixer can totally achieve self-material loading in a short time. Of course, users need to operate the machine by clicking buttons and driving the truck, which is often easy to learn and safe to drive. Aimix self loading cement mixer is basically diesel mixer, which often has low oil consumption, stable movement, high mobility and comfortable operation environment.

Aimix self concrete mixer has different capacities, and its productivity mainly depends on the capacity of the mixing tank. The smaller the tank is, the lower the self loading concrete mixer price is. Moreover, the control cabin of self loading mobile concrete mixers can be installed with air-conditioner, which provide a comfortable operation environment for drivers in summer or winter, and it totally shows the our faith of human-orientation.

Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Details: 

selfloading mixer
self loading concrete mixer truck

With the adoption of the most advanced production technology, Aimix self loading mixer concrete can totally ensure the accuracy of the feeding amount of each material, and most importantly, our concrete mixer self loading can realize the rotation 360 degrees, which makes up for the shortcomings of old self loading mixer for sale. At the same time, it reduces labor intensity at most with short time and low costs. Hot Models of our self-loading concrete mixers are SFM 2.5 m³, 3.0 m³ and 3.5 m³ per hour, and we may also make appropriate adjustment with user’s actual requirements.

With over 30 years accumulation, Aimix Group has become one of the most outstanding self loading concrete mixer suppliers in domestic market, and our hot products include self loading concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer, single shaft mixer, electric concrete mixer, diesel concrete mixer, concrete pump with mixer, stationary concrete batching plant, wet mixer plant, small concrete batch plant for sale and so on. Welcome to contact us for more details or quotation if interested, and quick reply will be sent after receiving your message.

Specifications of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck: 

Name Item Specifications
Mixing Drum Drum Capacity 3.5m³,14m³/hr.
Bank Angle 16°
Rotation Speed 10~16r/min
Angle of Drum Rotation ≥270
Chute Swing Angle ≥60
Angle Control Hydraulic
Size Long : 106cm
Short : 40cm
Loader Weighing Mode Computer Control
Concrete Standard C15 . C20 . C25 . C30
Accuracy Cement ≤2%
Relative Error ≤3%
Water ≤1%
Additive ≤1%
Admixture ≤2%
Loader Control Hydraulic 4 Way Stick
Closed System Control Power Steering
Pressure 28 MPa
Oil Flow 366 L/min
Water Tank Water Pressure ≥240L/min Water Tank
Supply Hydraulic Water Pump
Water Tank 2X380L
Electrical System Voltage DC 24V DC Electrical System
Capacity 120Ah
Safety Safety cut-out
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