What Are The Structure and Advantages of Cement Silo of our Concrete Batching Plant?

Cement silo is the storage equipment of cement, fly ash and others, which plays an important role in the stationary concrete batching plant. What are the structure and advantages of cement silos for sale?

The cement silo consists of steel structure, ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low level gauge, discharging valves and so on.

The description of dust removal system, broken arch device and level device:

Dust removal system: We set electric dust removal device on the top of cement silo to effectively prevent dust leakage.

Broken arch device: the lower part of the cement silo is equipped with the blowing arch breaking device to present power agglomeration, and it make power discharging more smooth.

Leveling device: Level system can display the location and height of the material.

cement silo for sale


  1. Reliable structure

It adopts steel frame and the spherical structure design, and it has large carrying capacity.

  1. Large storage capacity

The capacity of cement tank is large, and 100T cement tank is the most common cement tank type, and our cement storage silo can also be designed according to user needs. The transportation of cement silo is not limited by the distance and tonnage, and we make the small tonnage of cement tank into bulk cement tank, and the lager tonnage of cement silo into sheet cement tank.

  1. Flexible layout

It can be flexibly arranged according to site conditions and customer requirements and it widely applies to storage of cement and dry fly ash.

  1. Good sealing structure

The cement silo has special sealing. After injecting the raw materials into the cement tank, and the dust is automatically drilled into the small gap, and the self-sealing effect is perfect.

  1. Strong availability

Due to it has long service life and easy disassembly, it can be used for many sites, its re-use function greatly saves the user’s second investment of cement silo.

  1. Easy Operation

The screw conveyor can transport the material to various positions. The cement silo is easy to install, so it is the ideal cement silo for all kinds of concrete batching plants, such as central mix concrete plant, small concrete plant or ready mix concrete batching plant.

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