The Summarization of the Features of Concrete Mixers

With the promotion of science and technology, there has emerged many different types of concrete mixing equipment, such as self-falling concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer and single shaft concrete mixer. Then, how much do you know about the characteristics of concrete mixers? To help customers distinguish different types of concrete mixers, we will list its basic features as the followings:

  1. Self-falling concrete mixer

The most evident feature of self-falling concrete mixer is that it mixes materials in positive direction and discharge materials in the opposite direction, which suits the mixing requirements of semi-rigid plastic large aggregate concrete. With low cost, easy controlling and good mixing quality, self-falling concrete mixer has wide application, which can be used to most of the construction projects, such as roads, bridge engineering and so on.

JS500 twin shaft concrete mixers price

  1. Twin Shaft concrete mixer

Twin-shaft concrete mixer belongs to the compulsory concrete mixer, which has compact structure and high mixing quality, and it mainly consists of the transmission system, mixing tanks, mixers, mixing shaft and others. This mixer is mainly suitable for mixing low liquidity dry concrete, semi-rigid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortars.

  1. Single shaft concrete mixer

Single shaft concrete mixer is similar to twin shaft concrete mixer, which has only one mixing shaft in contrast with twin shaft concrete mixers, and it is also very popular in modern construction works.

Different types of concrete mixers have its own structural characteristics and different design advantages, and customers should take their own circumstances into account in purchasing concrete mixers. We are a professional concrete mixer production company, and welcome to contact us to get more info.

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