The Testing and Normal Operation Procedures of Concrete Batching Machine

Concrete batching machine should be tested and debugged before operation, and users should undergo normal operation after successful debugging. In this article, we will introduce a detailed debugging and operation steps of aggregate batcher to worldwide customers.

The debugging of concrete batching machine

  1. Check the wiring of the machine and switch on the electricity.
  2. The controller of the machine should be set in manual operation.
  3. Verify that the controller is in the manual operation.
  4. Calibrate the scales to zero point. Weigh the bucket unloaded, and the controller is in the manual state button, and the display window of the weighing value is displayed as zero in this condition.
  5. Set the batching recipe. Press the button accordingly to choose the recipe and set the amount, and press the enter button after affirmation.
  6. Move the cabinet switch to auto control.
  7. Press the start or stop button to start automatic batching or shut down the machine.
  8. When the batch is finished, press the stop button and stop the automatic batching.

PLD800 batching machine

The normal operation of the concrete batching machine

  1. Select the working recipe.
  2. Switch the concrete batching cabinet to automatic control.
  3. At the end of the ingredients, operators should press the remote control button to stop the machine.

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