The Advantages of Concrete Mixers over Hand Mixing

Generally speaking, concrete can be mixed by hand on small concrete projects.On large construction jobs where large quantities of concrete are required, special machines that are concrete mixers should be used. Such a mixer is usually operated by a small gasoline motor and can either be rented or bought. In mixing with a machine, measure all of the dry ingredients carefully and pour into the revolving drum of the machine. Pour the specified amount of water into the drum and revolve the mixture in the drum for five to ten minutes, the concrete can be mixed evenly in a short time, which saves more time and costs than manual operation.

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As a rule, hand mixing is used for practically all of the usual concrete jobs in and around the home. A fairly watertight floor is required for hand mixing. If this is not available, a suitable platform must be made of tongue-and-groove or matched lumber so that the joints will be tight. Nail strips along three sides of the platform to prevent materials form being pushed off in mixing. It should be large enough to permit two person using shovels to work on it at the same time, which often is exhausting and time-consuming. So, a pan concrete mixer or other mixer is often used in concrete mixing nowadays.

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