Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Tile adhesive manufacturing plant can produce the tile adhesive that is mainly used for the building decoration projects, such as interior and exterior wall, floor, bathroom, kitchen and so on. Keeping technological innovation, our Aimix engineers produces a modern tile adhesive mixing plant. Compared with traditional tile adhesive, the tile adhesive that our tile adhesive manufacturing plant produces has the features of strong adhesion, good water resistance and durability. Besides tile adhesive, tile adhesive production plant also can produce other mortars, including ordinary dry mortar and special dry mortar with certain features such as thermal insulation, sound absorption, radiation protection etc. With the development of construction industry, more and more customers are willing to invest our adhesive dry mortar production line.

our tile adhesive manufacturing plant and its wide application

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How can you choose a right model tile adhesive manufacturing plant?

Before you purchasing the tile adhesive making manufacturing plant machine, you should know what model tile adhesive manufacturing plant you need. A right model machine not only can meet your construction requirements, but also save your initial investment tile adhesive manufacturing plant cost. There are some useful tips for you.

Consider the automatic degree of machine

Our tile adhesive manufacturing plant includes two types, fully automatic type and semi automatic type tile adhesive manufacturing plant. Fully automatic type adhesive mortar production line has characteristics of high automatic degree, high productivity and simpler operation. Of course, because of its advanced technology, the full automatic tile adhesive dry mortar production line price is slightly higher than semi automatic type price.

GJ20 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
Models GJ20
Production Capacity (T/H ) 20
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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small tower type plant
GJ30 tile adhesive making plant
Models GJ30
Production Capacity (T/H ) 30
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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GJ40 tile dry mortar plant
Models GJ40
Production Capacity (T/H ) 40
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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Our fully automatic tile adhesive manufacturing plant was exported to Iran

Congratulation! Our Aimix fully automatic type tile adhesive manufacturing plant was successfully exported to Iran. The customer from Iran is our new customer. Before he want to purchase the tile adhesive manufacturing plant, he searched the information about this machine on the Internet. And he browsed our website online. After learning the tile adhesive mixing plant, he was interested in our machine. He left him message by our website. Our salesman contacted him quickly and solved him confusion. Due to our professional team and sincere service, the customers decided to choose our company. At present, the fully automatic tile adhesive dry mortar production line was smoothly installed in Iran and worked normally.

our fully automatic tile adhesive production plant in Iran

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Consider the quantity of tile adhesive

Depending on your project, you should know how much tile adhesive you need. If your project is big, you can consider large type tile adhesive manufacturing plant for sale. The output of our large tile adhesive manufacturing plant is at least 30t per hour. In general, large tile adhesive making machine is fully automatic type machine. If your project is not very large, small type tile adhesive production line for sale is a good choice for you.

GJ50 tile adhesive mixing plant
Models GJ50
Production Capacity (T/H ) 50
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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GJ60 tile adhesive production plant
Models GJ60
Production Capacity (T/H ) 60
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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mortar production line
GJ80 adhesive dry mortar plant
Models GJ80
Production Capacity (T/H ) 80
Control System  Semi-auto
/Full auto

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Our large output adhesive mortar production line was delivered to Peru

Few days ago, our salesman payed a visit to our customer from Peru. According to the feedback of our customer, our Aimix large output adhesive mortar production line worked normally in Peru. Because its stable performance and high productivity, our large type adhesive mortar production line has received high praise by our customer. During visiting our customer, our engineers taught some maintenance and repairment methods to them. If you choose our company, we promise that we can not only provide you with good quality machine, but also a complete set of service. Whether pre-sale, on-sale or after-sale, when you meet problem, you can contact us. We will try our best to deal with your problems.

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After reading these tips, if you still have no idea about choosing the model, you can consult us. We can give you some more professional advice. Looking forward to your message!

Advantages of our tile adhesive dry mortar production line

1. Adopts new type mixer machine, which has the features of high mixing speed and high output.

2. Adopts the PLC control system, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the working efficiency of the tile adhesive mortar manufacturing plant. Moreover, this system makes the operation become more simpler and save your labor cost.

tile adhesive dry mortar production line and its components

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3. Equipped with the large-scale dust removal equipment, the tile adhesive mortar production line has the function of purifying environment and the raw materials floating in the air are recycled and reused to avoid the waste of raw materials.

4. Uses triple cylinder drying machine, which the heating is more uniform and the thermal efficiency is higher.

5. Provides different types packing machine for your selection, pneumatic valve packing machine and impeller type valve packing machine. You can choose a suitable type according to the type and quantity of finished products.

Our Aimix Group Strength


As one of the leading tile adhesive manufacturing plant manufacturer, our Aimix Group have got certificate of ISO9001:2000 and CE. In addition, we Aimix Group have been a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba. With over 35-year development, we have professional sales team, research and development team, after-sale service team, technicians team, etc. Whether pre-sale, on-sale or after-sale, our staff will help you to pick up a right tile adhesive production line for sale for your construction project. Up to now, our machine has been exported to a lot of countries, including Philippines, Peru, Malaysia, Pakistan, the South Africa, Iran, Uganda, Vietnam, Burma, Australia, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan and so on. If you want to get the price for free, leave your message to us! We will reply you as soon as possible.

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