Two Sets 100t Welded Type Cement Silo Was Installed In New Zealand

Congratulations! Our Aimix Group exported two sets 100t welded type cement silo to New Zealand. As we all know, cement silo is a key part of concrete batching plant for sale. So you need to choose a suitable model cement silo for your concrete batching plant.

install the welded type cement silo in New Zealand

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Different type of cement silo

Our company produces three different type cement silo, namely, welded type cement silo, bolted type cement silo and horizontal type concrete silo. These types include many different models, such as, 30t, 50t, 80t, 100t, 150t, 200t, 300t and so on for your selection. You can choose a suitable model according to the size of your construction project.

different type cement silo for concrete batching plant

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Specification of cement silo

30 ton cement silo
Model: 30Ton
Tanker Diameter: 2.6m
Tanker Height: 4.8m
Tanker Total Height: 12m
Matched mixer: JDC350
Matched screw conveyor: LSY219

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cement-silos-for-sale (1)
50 ton cement silo
Model: 50Ton
Tanker Diameter: 3m
Tanker Height: 5.4m
Tanker Total Height: 12m
Matched mixer: JS500
Matched screw conveyor: LSY219

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80 ton cement silo
Model: 80Ton
Tanker Diameter: 3m
Tanker Height: 9m
Tanker Total Height: 15.6m
Matched mixer: JS750
Matched screw conveyor: LSY219

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100 ton cement silo
Model: 100Ton
Tanker Diameter: 3m
Tanker Height: 11.4m
Tanker Total Height: 18m
Matched mixer: JS1000
Matched screw conveyor: LSY219

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Model Tanker Diameter Tanker Height Tanker Total Height Matched mixer Matched screw conveyor
30Ton 2.6m 4.8m 12m JDC350 LSY219
50Ton 3m 5.4m 12m JS500 LSY219
80Ton 3m 9m 15.6m JS750 LSY219
100Ton 3m 11.4 18m JS1000 LSY219
150Ton 3m 13.5m 19m JS1000 LSY230
200Ton 4.5m 18.6m 25.2m JS1500 LSY230
300Ton 4.5m 24.6m 29.5m JS2000 LSY230

Video of installation Cement Silo

The advantages of welded type cement silo is convenient transportation, which can reduce your transportation cost. After the cement silo sending there, under the guide of our engineer, our customer began to install it. Please watch the following video.

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